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2009 Winter/Spring CSA Delivery Schedules

Sunday, February 8, 2009
8 p.m.

Dear Shareholders, well the good news is, here we are! And how we are, we get to choose!! So I hope this finds you all choosing well, abundant with the things that bring you great joy, lots of love given and received, passionate dreams, and empowered and empowering in your thoughts and attitudes waking and sleeping. P.S. And plenty of time for play and rest and rejuvenation!

In having to rethink our Winter CSA Memberships because of the more challenging winters now, we have come up with at least a piece of the puzzle - broccoli and sunflower sprouts and wheatgrass! My marvelous natural grower daughter, Mari, accepted my request for her to grow sprouts for the Cafe we just opened at the Thorbecke's Fitlife Center in Chehalis. They are equally as wonderful as the garlic basil dressing, and have become another one of our signatures. We have an impressive recipe for the dressing and she has an impressive recipe for the soil mix. Great combo. She has also agreed to be our Lead Grower on the Farm, though probably only one day a week to instruct the Farm Team, which is coming together, wahoo! It sounds like my most desirable situation and I'm excited about the farm getting back into production after many years spent CSAing, marketing, developing products, preserving farmland, and opening a Cafe (2 weeks ago) where we are serving a local, seasonal and whole-foods menu. The few months with the taco wagon this past summer were instrumental in this progression - crazy but instrumental. Our plan is to be developing a strong foundation, and it looks like we're on target.

We are ready to resume deliveries to those of you already on-board, and for those of you who would like to sign up for a 2009 CSA Membership, send me an email and we'll work out a good starting time for you and the farm. For those of you who may still have deliveries pending, send me an email with where you think we stand so we can bet a baseline to work from.

Items currently available: Stir Fry Mix, Dark Greens Blend, Garlic Basil or Parsley Garlic Dressing, Broccoli Sprouts, Sunflower Sprouts, Wheatgrass, Winter Squash, Lacinato Italian Kale, Carrots, Leeks, Garlic, Russet Potatoes, Eggs, Herbs, Fresh Stone-ground Whole Wheat Bread Flour, Fresh Stone-ground Cornmeal (the corn is over 27 years old, but in this case old is good because it's before GMO's), and dried beans and grains: lentils, pinto beans, whole wheat/flour, corn/cornmeal, millet, rye/flour, molasses; and Geen Garden Cafe menu items - Veggie Burrito Wraps/Kits, Soups, Sweet & Sour Lentils on Rice, Dark Greens Marinated Salads, Homemade Garden Burgers, and the list goes on and on through the entire season as ours is a seasonal menu. Since this is an expanded offering from what you are used to and I'm not used to what you would like, please send me an email with any of your requests.

When are deliveries? We're working on that and looking for a pattern to fall into place. It's looking like Olympia will be Sunday afternoon/evening. Centralia/Chehalis Monday/Tuesday. Longview - anyone down there who would like to meet half-way or come to the farm? Yelm - since I'm connecting with Mari for sprouts twice weekly we now have conduit to Yelm I'm happy to report.

There might be more, but so I can send this this evening, that's all for now folks.

2008-9 Winter CSA Delivery Schedules

Monday, December 22, 2008
11:45 a.m.

Dear Shareholders, snowbound and the computer is down, for starters. I hope you are all faring well. CSA deliveries are being discontinued until further notice. Hope we can all make it to the movies! - Susie

Family Farm Film Festival (Poster)

McMenamin's Olympic Club Historic Hotel, Pub & Movie Theater (Movie Listings)

Farm Bank Project

Friday, December 5, 2008
5 p.m.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with great food, time with those you love, and some time out. We had the most delicious Thanksgiving Dinner ever at my daughter's in Yelm, and the most local too. We laughed. The turkey came from the side yard, the squash and brussel sprouts came from the back yard, and the apple pie from the front yard. She used an oven bag for the turkey and put in a quart of fresh apple juice, closed it up and 6 hours later it was ready. The skin was crunchy like crisp bacon. Pretty amazing. She's an amazing grower and canner, and did an effortless job having the family for dinner, along with help from her very wonderful husband. As you can tell I'm very proud of her. And if I can pay her, she will do some growing for us a couple of days a week this year on the farm. Keep your fingers crossed.

Here's the schedule for this week. If you have any question if you are receiving a delivery, just send me an email.

Olympia - Sunday evening, December 7. pick-up Monday. We will be switching to a new CSA pick-up house and will be in touch with you about where that is. We have a new location on the Westside and are looking for a location on the Eastside. Diane has so very graciously shared her porch the past couple of years. Thank you so much, Diane!. It was great getting to know you and your neighborhood.

Longview - Monday, December 8, after 7 p.m. at Bonnie's. Picking up Monday okay too.

Centralia/Chehalis - Delivered Monday or Tuesday.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Olympia Update: I'll be okay, but I slipped going down our front steps this afternoon and it changed our time line for the day. Brad will be bringing the veggies up in the morning, so plan on picking up Monday afternoon in Olympia.

Lonview Update: We have to make the Olympia run first Mondayand are still expecting to deliver to Longview later in the day hopefully by 5. I will call/emai/postl if it changes.

Thursday, November 20, 2008
1:30 p.m.

Greetings Everyone! I hope this finds you all well! I bet you are all looking forward to deliveries starting up again after a much needed and appreciated pause for us on the farm. Brad and I have gotten some rest and a break from the pace, and a time to pause and re-group. Thank you all! We will start up this Sunday/Monday and have deliveries every other week, as it's looking right now - Olympia on Sundays, Longview on Mondays, and Centralia/Chehalis on Tuesday. Tentative delivery dates: November 23-25, December 7-9, December 21-23, January 11-13 and 25-27, February 8-10 and 22-24, March 8-10 and 22-24.

We will be opening the restaurant at Thorbecke's Fitness Center in Chehalis on December 1, 2008, and we have a Family Farm Film Festival scheduled for the week between Christmas and New Year's at McMenamin's Olympic Club in Centralia December 27-30, 2008. The line-up of films is coming together very nicely, local food, music, speakers, and surprises, so if you're in the area put it on your calendar. Details in a week or two and you can always keep an eye on McMenamin's website, and Winlock Meadows Farm and the Farm Bank Project.

With the economic situation our local farms are more important than ever, and why I've been working so intensely for so long because I knew we were headed to challenging times. The Film Festival will be very informative and inspiring, and will give us direction for fun and exciting things we can do to strengthen ourselves and our community. 2009 - The Year of Affirmative Action!

Olympia - Sunday, November 23 pick-up at the CSA house after 5p.m. (or picked up Monday), deliveries after that.

DuPont: Dropped off at Beanna's Sunday the 23rd, Brian to bring Monday morning. Let's email to confirm.

Longview - Monday, November 24 after 5 p.m. at Bonnie's. Can also be picked up Tuesday.

Centralia/Chehalis - Tuesday, November 25 at Thorbecke's between 11-5.

Saturday, October 18, 2008
8:30 p.m.

Longview - Saturday at market.

Olympia - Pick-up at the CSA house Sunday after 6 p.m. (or picked up Monday), deliveries after that.

DuPont: Dropped off at Beanna's Sunday, Brian to bring Monday morning. Let's email to confirm.

Centralia/Chehalis - Monday or Tuesday.

Note: This delivery marks the completion of our summer CSA season.. Thank you to all of you for participating this year! For those of you who have extended memberships, or weeks carried over, could you email me with where we stand at this moment in time? I am going to take a much needed rest, recharge and regroup for several weeks and then I'll be in touch with what our winter schedule looks like. I've not been accepting any new memberships for winter because of the uncertainty of the weather and whether I have a farm crew or not. This normally is a source of income for us at this time of the year, so just one example of how we have been financially impacted which is affecting our performance. There may even be some of you who have really enjoyed the season, so just know it gets better! I will take care of any of you who have extended memberships or remaining weeks. I could send you a very long letter sharing all the behind the scenes things that happened this year making this the most difficult year in my 10 years of being a CSA farm, but unless you would like some background, let's just suffice to say it did not go as I had hoped but I do hope you found value and enjoyed what you did receive. If you feel like providing any feedback, how about a "compliment sandwich" - 2 things you liked about the experience and 1 thing you would like to see changed?
And if you have any requests, please let me know.

On the horizon is the pontial of our opening a Cafe at Thorbecke's Fitness Center in Chehalis. And we hope to do some serious farmland preserving this winter, including creating a fund to purchase development rights in agriculture land. We will be holding The Family Farm Film Festival at McMenamin's Olympia Club in Centralia the week between Christams and New Years, so put that on your calendar. Watch for announcements, and you can keep an eye on movie listings on their website. Also, Lewis County will be holding public hearings regarding agriculture zoning this Fall. This process has been going on for years and they have yet to satisfy the Growth Management Hearings Board with their proposals. Lewis County still has farmland, and it needs to be protected and in production, not paved. It's going to require each of us to step up to the plate to make our voices be heard and to take an active part in creating our local sustainable food system. It could actually be fun and a great way to keep our minds and hearts hopeful. I'll close with a quote I saw recently that really spoke to me. I hope you find it inspiring.

“Man is so made that whenever anything fires his soul,
impossibilities vanish.”
Jean de la Fontaine (1621-1695)
One of the most widely read French poets of the 17th century

Friday, October 10, 2008
8 p.m.

Longview - Saturday at market.

Olympia - Pick-up at the CSA house Sunday after 5 p.m., deliveries after that. Check here for any last minute changes.

DuPont: Dropped off at Beanna's Sunday, Brian to bring Monday morning.

Centralia/Chehalis - Monday.


Monday, October 6, 2008
2:30 a.m.

Shares are at the CSA house and can be picked up Monday. Email if you have any questions or requests.

Sunday, October 5, 2008
11:30 a.m.

We are leaving shortly for Olympia again. On our way we will be picking fruit maybe until dark or until we're too wet and cold. Arrival time to the CSA house and deliveries are unknown, so I'll post here when I get home with the hope that you can pick-up tomorrow, Monday. We'll get this delivery under our belt, but my guess is we will be shifting to a Sunday delivery to complete the season.

Friday, October 3, 2008
4:45 pm

I called my daughter who designed our website from Centralia this afternoon because we were stuck in traffic heading to Olympia and asked her to post that on the website. We're home now (7 p.m.). Evidently there was a very bad accident at Exit 88 and we couldn't even get through Centralia the back way so we came back to the farm. It's been baffling trying to get to Olympia and I'm very sorry for the inconvenience. Sunday looks like the weather may be clearing so I'll let you know when we have a plan.

Friday, October 3, 2008
12 noon

We are borrowing a car to get to Olympia to make deliveries, and we have an orchard we'll be picking in today too in Olympia. There is no time frame for when they will be at the CSA house, or making deliveries. I will post it when have access to my computer. I am very sorry for the inconvenience. The farm is experiencing many significant set-backs so in some ways we are in a standstill, but some very exciting new doors are opening.
5:45 p.m.

Update: We are still without a working vehicle and won't be making it to Olympia today, more possible for tomorrow. I'll keep you posted. There's lots to share when I can.

Thursday, October 2, 2008
8:30 a.m.

Note: While we are experiencing some significant set-backs, some new doors are opening that I'll share with you soon as they are confirmed. One of the set-backs is that the transmission went out in our van so we are without a vehicle. If any of you know of a vehicle for sale, loan, lease, donation, etc., let me know. Just sitting here thinking, I could probably put together a nice raffle to raise $600 for a van I could buy. Just throwing out ideas, and open to others. We will probably have a vehicle we can borrow today, but since things are a bit sketchy, let's leave the below schedule as the tentative/hopeful one, and I'll confirm it when I know how it's shaping up.
Blessings to all of you during these interesting and miracle producing times.

Tentative/hopeful schedule depending upon a working vehicle. We'll confirm when we know for sure.

Tumwater: Thursday or Friday to offices.

Olympia: Deliveries Thursday, and drop-off to the CSA house later in the evening so I would suggest picking up on Friday. With the cooler weather they will be fine over night.

Centralia/Chehalis: Thursday or Friday.

DuPont: We hope to get it to Breanna's tonight so Brian can meet you in the morning Friday.

Longview: Saturday at market.

2008 Summer CSA Delivery Schedules &Updates

Thursday, September 25, 2008
11 a.m.

Olympia: Thursday the 25th after 5 p.m. at the CSA house, deliveries after that. B & B before 4:30.

Longview: Saturday at market.

Centralia/Chehalis: Would early next week work? Email me and let me know what you'd like and when.

Thursday, September 18, 2008
2:30 p.m.

Olympia: We've had a doozie of a week. Guess we're in synch with the rest of the world! We delivered shares today, but it's only about half a share. We'll be bringing more tomorrow, so if you receive this information in time you could save a trip and get it all tomorrow. I apologize for the inconvenience! I'll spare you details on our end. Just know we're doing the best we can under the circumstances.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008
8 p.m.

Olympia: Thursday the 18th after 5 p.m. at the CSA house, deliveries after that. B & B before 4:30.

Dupont: Friday morning, connect with Brian

Centralia/Chehalis: Thursday morning

Longview: Saturday at market. We will be across the street from the Fairgrounds because of the heavy equipment auction preparation. Look for us in our white canopy. Don't know where we'll be placed, and you can always ask the market manager where we are. Everyone knows where he is. While we loved working with the Taco Truck, it was one of those precious moments in time. The owner wanted the truck back to do some events, and as much as we liked working with it, we decided we need to look for a more economical and ecological-friendly version. We will be serving our Veggie Burrito Wraps Saturday, and guess you'll have to show up to see if we have anything else. We may not know until then either!

5 p.m.

Olympia: We aren't going to be able make it to Olympia today. We'll bring them tomorrow with the same schedule as Thursday: after 4 at the CSA house, deliveries after that. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Thursday, September 11, 2008
11 a.m.

Olympia: Thursday the 11th at the CSA house, deliveries after that. It's possible we won't be there by 4, so I would suggest waiting to see what the website/email/phone call says, or just come by after 7 p.m.. Those at B & B, we'll get it to you on Friday.

Dupont: Friday morning

Centralia/Chehalis: I'll let you know.

Longview: Saturday at market

Tuesday, September 2, 2008
12 noon

Olympia: Thursday the 4th, pick-up after 4 at the CSA house, deliveries after that.

Dupont: Friday morning

Centralia/Chehalis: Thursday or Friday

Longview: Saturday at market

Thursday, August 29, 2008
12:30 p.m.

Olympia: Thursday the 29th, pick-up after 4 at the CSA house, deliveries after that.

Dupont: Friday morning

Centralia/Chehalis: Thursday or Friday

Longview: Saturday at market, next to Scott the egg/chicken guy, and hopefully in our truck. It sprung an oil leak yesterday but we think it will be an easy fix. If we're not in the truck, we'll be in the gray van and under the canopy.

Friday , August 22, 2008
10:30 a.m.

Longview Update: Having to continually shift gears in the moment. We won't be down today and will work out a way for the shares to be at market tomorrow(across from where we normally are, next to Scott Hartzell, or if they put someone else there ask Scott or Terry...market manager where we are). If anyone wants to help distribute shares (they will be packed) at market, send me an email. We won't be home until late. We are going to try to call all of you today to check in because of the changes. THANK YOU!!

Thursday 8:15 p.m

Longview Update: Try as we have to get them there tonight, it looks like they will be delivered in the morning and will be ready for pick-up at Bonnie's after 12 noon. We are triple tasking today, more than usual, and really doing the best we can. So if the Garlic Fest can help us get on our feet, and we have a farm crew coming from California to help us for a while, we might just get it together. I know this would make all of us happy.

Thursday, August 21, 2008
4 p.m

Olympia - Thursday after 4 at the CSA house, deliveries after that. Delivered.

Longview - Thursday night drop off at Bonnie's and you can pick up any time Friday at the Llama Farm on Pacific Way. We will be at the Garlic Fest the next 3 days...just got in, and won't be at the Saturday market. HOPEFULLY we can have a successful weekend and get on to a steady routine for the rest of the season. We would all like that!

Thursday, August 14, 2008
4 p.m

We were hoping to deliver to Olympia this afternoon but the weather has thrown us off, so we won't be coming in until tomorrow morning. This creates its own problems with the shares being there in the heat, so I'm going to call each of you and see what we can work out.

Olympia - Friday, August 15 at the CSA house, pick-up after 11 a.m. If you can't pick up it up until later maybe you could find someone to get it for you, or maybe leave a cooler with your name on it. Deliveries after that.

Centralia/Chehalis - home deliveries late afternoon Friday

Longview - Saturday at market. With this weather probably the earlier the better to pick up, though early is difficult in general for us, but we'll do our best. This Saturday we will be offering our full food service: Veggie Burrito Wraps, Farm Salads w/Edible Flowers, Fresh Fruit Smoothies w/Organic Milk, Iced Mint Tea, AND guess what Brad made today? A Snow Cone w/Local Fresh Blueberry Sauce and it was fabulous. We just have a little home ice shaver, but we'll start with that. If any of you know where we could rent or buy a snow cone maker, let us know. I thought about checking Craig's List, so if any of you want to search around don't let me stop you.

Note: Our refrigerator stopped working...it has given us many many good year...funny, kind of, just the other day I was thinking how long it has worked for us, and guess what, it stopped working. So if any of you have a working refrigerator you don't want, or know of one, let us know.

Thursday, August 7, 2008
7 p.m.

Olympia - Friday, August 8 after 4 p.m. at the CSA house and deliveries after that.

Longview - Saturday, August 9 at the Farmer's Market. It's undetermined if we will be serving food or not. It's obvious why there has never been food service at the market. The average person would have given up long ago. While the food service may be costing us time and money right now, it will become the financial stability of the farm. We are on the cutting edge and ask for everyone's patience during this time. Look forward to some nice veggies.

Centralia/Chehalis - most of you received a share on Monday, so we'll get back to you early next week, with the exception of Lori whom we will deliver to tomorrow (Friday)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

We delivered some Olympia shares on Thursday and will be completing them tomorrow, Monday, along with Centralia/Chehalis, and we've fouind a "courier" to deliver 2 shares to DuPont on his way to work Monday! I'm sorry to say we won't be able to deliver to Longview this week. Had I anticipated it I would have called it a no-delivery week, but you can count on that in the future on fair weekend. We'll see you next Saturday in Longview and with more new veggies and fruits. If you want to learn more about saskatoon berries (and spend an evening on the computer...I must have asked the right search questions), check out this google search. Turns out they are native, and we have a bumper crop this year we won't be able get picked by ourselves. Looks like this may be the last week to pick, so we've decided to have a 50/50 U-pick day this Tursday if anyone is interested. You keep 50% of what you pick and the farm receives the other 50%. Bring ladders, a comfortable bucket and strap you can put around your neck so you can use both hands, and we'll feed you lunch from our Local Flavors mobile kitchen! For reservations (only) email: winlockmeadowsfarm1@yahoo.com. I'll be sending out a newsletter later today (some old and some new news for you guys).

Thursday, July 31, 2008
9 a.m.

Here's the tentative schedule for this week:

Olympia - Friday after 4 p.m. at the CSA house, deliveries after that
Centralia/Chehalis - Friday or Saturday we will be doing home/office deliveries. No pick-ups temporarily at Good Health.
Longview - There is a chance we will not be making a delivery this week since there is no market because of the fair. It will all depend upon how things go the next couple of days. If we can come down, we will, but it would be Sunday at the soonest.

Friday, August 1, 2008
10 a.m.

As it turns out we haven't stabilized into a fixed routine yet with the kitchen (I'll spare you details), but it looks very encouraging. This interim period is difficult for us and we're doing everything we can to keep it all going, so we ask for your patience and understanding during the transition.

For any of you who may feel that the kitchen has taken our attention off you and our CSA, which it has to some degree, please know it is a short term inconvenience while we stabilize the farm financially, which will then allow us to better serve you all...our goal! You all are very important to us, and the reason we are still here. My focus on protecting our food supply, preserving farmlanmd and small family farms has taken a lot of my time, attention and resources over the years, and has taken me away from production and marketing, our bread and butter. Not a good financial picture, but we are in critical times which call for critical actions so I've marched forward envisioning a sustainable future for us all. I have wanted a mobile kitchen for 10 years, and then 5 years ago began seeing a need for local food service at farmer's markets. It made no sense to me for people to come to the market for lunch and eat industrialized food. For the past 3 years we have worked on developing the concept and serving local lunches at the Tumwater Farmer's market. About two months ago someone told me about this taco trailer that was for sale, and within 6 weeks we had worked out a 50/50 income and expenses with the owner, no money down. We picked it up about two weeks ago, maybe it's been three, worked on getting 3 county and 1 state permits in place and getting settled into operation and locations. All this has been another financial strain, so right now we're operating on a frayed shoestring, so if we seem under pressure, we are. We ask for your patience and understanding during this time. What we are doing is not being done by anyone in our area, so we are blazing new territory. And as we develop the business model we will be donating a portion of profits to purchasing development rights in farmland. I came across this link for Humanitis when searching Paul Newman's business model. I loved the concept of capitalism with a cause. All this said, I feel we are at the cutting edge of something really great. If this works, it could become a model for supporting farms and communities and protecting farmland across the country. Right now we just have to focus on getting us stabilized, but this feels like where I have been headed all these years. It's a milestone, and deserves our ensuring its success. I went into City Hall in Olympia the other day and learned they have taken on a challenge with the City of Montpelier, VT to see which city can become the most sustainable. This is very exciting. I was invited to be on the committee, which is awesome, and another example of my volunteerism challenges. Then yesterday we got word of the formation of the Puget Sound Food Network Project, the launching of a new web-based project enabling real-time communication between consumers, farmers, and other participants in the Puget Sound regional food system—and facilitating on-line food-related transactions, This is BIG, and something I've been actively endeavoring to help create over the past 3 years at least, and finally put it on the side burner unable to garner enough community support, and boom, here it is! Very cool. The NABC (Northwest Agriculture Business Center) on-line market access project, a regional network of agricultural growers and producers, retailers, and food service businesses, along with key infrastructure processing, storage, and transportation providers, has received a $400,000 grant as part of the 2007-'08 U.S. Department of Commerce appropriation. Sorry for the run-on paragraph, but what my life looks like. There's no time to waste. We've become dependent upon foreign food like we are on foreign oil, and we're paving our farmland. Some call this the suicidal economy, and some of us actually see it as an issue of national security because whoever controls the food supply controls the people. The solution to this is a local sustainable food system, and we need farmland to do it. I encourage each of you find ways you can help forward this outcome, and certainly being part of a CSA is a big one. So thank you to each of you! P.S. Remember to let us know if you have any requests regarding your shares...more or less of something, more or less in general. The season is still behind schedule and some crops didn't produce, but there is still lots more to look forward to.

Thursday, July 24, 2008
5 p.m.

Brad got a late start for making our Olympia CSA house by 4 today. We're finding 4 on Thursday isn't a good day and time for us. Now that the mobile kitchen will be settling into it's routine, AND all the permits will all be in place, wahoo, I'm guessing Olympia will be Fridays after 4. If that doesn't work for anyone, let me know, but I'll confirm it for sure the beginning of the week. Also, for any of you who did not receive a delivery tonight, we'll be bringing it tomorrow, Friday. If you don't want one, just send me an email. Thanks!

Everything is on target for us to serve from our mobile unit Saturday at Longview. Exciting~ We'll be at the Centralia Farmer's Market tomorrow, on Fridays 9-3. Interesting how random circumstances had us end up there. We just might be a farmer-boost to that market.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008
10 p.m.

Mobile kitchen looking very promising, Details when our feet hit the ground. Delivery schedule for this week:

Tumwater/Dupont - picked up Wednesday at the Tumwater Farmer's Market
Olympia - CSA house after 4 p.m. Thursday, deliveries after that
Centralia/Chehalis - Thursday or Friday
Longview - Saturday Note: If all goes as hoped, we will have passed inspection and received our permit Saturday before market to serve you delicious local foods in our mobile kitchen. We had the pleasure of this experience in Tumwater today and it went very well. If any of you want to take a volunteer hour shift helping us either with serving food and/or putting together CSA shares, come on down.

Sunday 6:30 p.m.

There was an accident on I-5. It was backed up at our exit, so fortunately I didn't get stuck in it, or part of the accident. Came back to the farm and DOT website said it could be 3 hours. So, bummer. We will bring it tomorrow, Monday, and we've got them refrigerated.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Olympia, Centralia/Chehalis - For those of you who didn't receive a delivery last week, we'll be delivering it this afternoon or evening, Sunday, July 20th.

Piglet Report: We had 4 piglets which is a very small litter, but the mom was in poor condition when she was bred and then given to us, so this probably accounts for the small liltter. They are Hampshires I'm told, black and white and are very cute. We've gotten the mom very healthy, and the piglets will be very big with such a small littler. Anyone interested in a Pork Share, ask for details. We have two available.

Thursday, July 17, 2008
5 p.m

Greetings Shareholders! The great news is a 10-year dream has just come true for the farm. Sitting outside my front window is a taco trailer, ours for the next six months, and beyond that yet to be known! We signed a lease on Tuesday sharing 50% of net profits with the owner, and drove it to the farm late Tuesday afternoon. Took it to the Tumwater Town Center Farmer's Market yesterday, Wednesday. Doing some of the Olympia shares today, and hope to get to the Centralia Lewis County Farmer's Market tomorrow morning. We're graduating, and at the head of the pack providing local food service for our community...though being head of the pack is of no interest to me, just that it's being done by SOMEBODY! So very exciting, and very busy. We hope to have it at the Longview Farmer's Market on Saturday, but we still need to get our seasonal food permit in place and don't know if we can accomplish that by tomorrow, though I do know all things are possible with a light heart.

While this takes us off our focus of serving you, we are making it a priority because we think it can financially stabilize the farm for the very first time, AND allow us to better serve you without having to worry about paying the bills. Now wouldn't that be fun! Aside from that, it's a VERY COOL THING! You and I should be able to go to a farmer's market and be served ready-to-eat food that's made from local farm produce. But that's not the case, and no one is making a mad dash to make it happen. I see it as something that needs to happen, a big "missing", and a great opportunity. The possibilities of a mobile kitchen serving local farm food is limitless. Want to rent us for a private party/event...we'll even bring farm films as a bonus, or something special for the venue.

Oh, and our pig is ready to have piglets any moment now. I hope it goes well. Another new experience on the farm!

Tumwater - delivered Wednesday, July 16 at market

Olympia, Centralia/Chehalis - a few were delivered today, Thursday (though they were not a full share but the best we could to under the situation and will make it up to you), but if you didn't receive one, we'll notify you of when it will be...maybe not until next week to allow us to make this transition. If any of you need or really would like your share, please let me know and we'll do our best to get it to you.

Longview - Saturday, July 19


Friday, July 11, 2008
5 p.m.

Centralia/Chehalis - delivered Tuesday and Wednesday

Olympia - Some delivered Thursday, and if you didn't receive one, there will be one for you after 6 p.m. at the CSA house tonight, Friday, and deliveries after that.

Until I get you more information, we've been putting in lambsquarters in your share. Search online: lambsquarters wild edible greens nutritional value recipes. I've just learned it's a complete protein. More on this later. The Friday Olympia delivery received something I've not put in a share to be eaten as a side vegetable: Borage. I was reserching Borage (do the same kind of search) and found recipes for the stems and leaves to be used as a vegetable dish. I've grown borage for years, but only as an edible flower. European women at markets have told me how they grew up eating the leaves in their salads,

Longview - Saturday, July 12. It's going to be another hot one. If any of you want to bring a bag of ice when you come that would be great.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tumwater - Wednesday; Olympia - Thursday after 4; Centralia/Chehalis - Thursday...will notify later of time;
Longview- Saturday

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Olympia will be tomorrow after 4 p.m.

June 23, 2008

Tumwater - Wednesday, June 25 th at the Tumwater Farmer's Market 11-2 p.m. Note: Only for those of you that this is your assigned pick up location. If you'd like to pick-up here but it's not your regular pick-up location, email me so we're prepared. Thanks!

Olympia - Thursday, June 26 th after 4 p.m. at the CSA pick-up house. Deliveries after that. Note: We are going to try to get it done them delivered Wednesday, but if not it will be Thursday. I'll keep you posted, but maybe not until we get home Wednesday night.

Centralia/Chehalis - Friday, June 27th after 4 p.m. at Good Health. Deliveries after that.

June 20, 2008 5:30 p.m.

Let's see if this new color-coding works?

Brown - projected
Red - updated information
Blue - contact me
Green - delivered
Purple - News


June 15, 2008

Tumwater - Wednesday, June 18th at the Tumwater Farmer's Market 11-2 p.m. Note: Only for those of you that this is your assigned pick up location. If you'd like to pick-up here but it's not your regular pick-up location, email me so we're prepared. Thanks!

Olympia - Thursday, June 19th after 4 p.m. at the CSA pick-up house. Deliveries after that.

Centralia/Chehalis - Friday, June 20th after 4 p.m. at Good Health. Deliveries after that.
Update: Deliveries sometime this evening before 8 p.m.
Kim, could you call or email me so we can work out an alternate plan? Could be pick up at the farm, or Monday or Tuesday at Good Health. Couldn't reach you by email or phone today, and we won't make it to Good Health before they close.

Longview - Saturday, June 21st at the market 9-2. Update: We will have some of Scott's fresh-frozen chicken for sale or as part of your share if you'd like; certified raw goat milk, not too many eggs this week but a few. We have some nice veggies but we may be a bit on the short supply. We're doing the best we can and overall things are progressing.

A potential - we are negotiating with an owner of a Taco Trailer in good condition. We've decided against purchasing it presently, but he is proposing a 5 month contract at $1200/month, full use of the trailer. Longview would be the first place we would come on Saturdays and fix you Local Farm Cuisine breakfast and lunch and take-out...all made from local vegetables, fruits, meats, etc. This isn't a complete thought, but if any of you are interested in helping support the venture, maybe I could sell Local Farm Cuisine Shares that you could use as a credit...and with some benefits, like coming to the front of the line, or at least the line of pre-paid. Maybe even send you home with a Local Farm Cuisine Salad Bar for the week...I've been dreaming this dream for at least 5 years. It feels like it's getting much closer. There will be no problem with the Cowlitz County Health Department permit...no different than my normal seasonal permit. Will have to look into auto insurance as it's not currently insured, so if anyone has any expertise in this area let me know. We'll of course have to pay for gas and propane, so other big considerations...maybe leave it in Longview during the week.

Garlic Basil Dressing: We should have a small portion of dressing for you tomorrow. Once I get the trailer permit in place we can start selling it at market. Wahooo! And there's more. Still in the brainstorming stage, but a percentage of net profits will go to a funding stream to purchase development rights in farmland...the dressing, the Local Farm Cuisine, and a Local CSA Farm Calendar! Worker bees always welcome :-)

June 10 10 p.m.

Delivered Olympia this afternoon, and Lou Ellyn by 4 Thursday at the Olympia CSA house.
CENTRALIA/CHEHALIS - Thursday the 12th by 4, probably sooner. Note: We are still working out a delivery schedule for this season. What has worked in previous seasons is not working now because of the slow growing spring, so we're still trying to figure it all out, sans details.


June 10 6:20 p.m.

This time we get to blame it on the pig. We have a pregnant sow, piglets due July 16th, and she got out and was in the orchard eating our trees and threw us totally off schedule. Here's the revised schedule:

DUPONT - We managed to get your shares to the Olympia CSA house by 5 today, so hope you got it OK.
OLYMPIA - We'll take it to the CSA house Wednesday the 11th after the Tumwater Farmer's Market (11-2...it's a lunch market so if you want to come and have a delicious Veggie Burrito Wrap...or maybe we'll put one in your share), probably around 4, deliveries after that.
CENTRALIA/CHEHALIS - We'll drop them off at Good Health on our way home, probably around 5 Wednesday, and deliveries after that.


June 9, 2008

The Local Dinner at the State Capitol went exceptionally well, though very difficult to do. Thanks for giving us space to do this. Jim Lopez from the City of Seattle spoke about climate solution activities in King County...very interesting. The meal was fabulous, the presentation and ambiance were perfect.

Additional items for sale this week:

Eggs $4/dozen; Certified Raw Goat Milk $5/half-gallon, $10/gallon; chicken, fresh frozen $4.50/lb., the birds average 3-5#.

Delivery schedule for this week:

OLYMPIA - Tuesday the 10th, pick-up at the CSA house after 5 p.m., deliveries after that.

CENTRALIA/CHEHALIS - Tuesday the 10th, pick-up at Good Health after 5 p.m., deliveries before that. Note: We won't be at the Chehalis Farmer's Market tomorrow, but this may become another possible location for picking up your share. We'll keep you posted.

LONGVIEW - Saturday the 14th at the Farmers's Market 9-2, we prefer pick-up after 11, but you choose.

June 7, 2008 9:30 a.m.

LONGVIEW - Brad's back went out and can't come to market. I am scheduled to be working on the dinner in Olympia tonight. Barbie is coming to market and will do the best she can. Shareholders will need to pack their own bag...there is a list of choices, and make sure to sign the sheet that you picked up. If anyone can stay and help Barbie that would be great. She will be leaving at noon to get to her daughter's graduation. I will try to call all of you, but if we don't make connections today I'll try to bring your share down on Monday. I have to come to the Health Department anyway.

June 6, 2008

Olympia/Centralia/Chehalis on pause until next week to allow us to focus on the Local Dinner this Saturday in Olympia while we work on advancing our local sustainable food system and climate action solutions. You all are of course invited and encouraged to come to the dinner (Longview too), though your participation as a CSA member is sufficient.

Longview - we will be at market Saturday, but only until noon. I will need to hear from you if you want a share Saturday, and if you can be there before noon or if you want us to leave one for you at market to pick up by 2 at Bonnie Doble's booth (the opposite end of the market on the same side as our booth) or she will take them to her place and they can be picked up after 4 on Saturday, or Sunday.

Focus on a very successful event Saturday. It's all about us.

June 1, 2008

This marks the beginning of the Summer Season! Welcome to all the new members and I hope it is a great season for all of us. There are two big events this week (scroll down to the message below), so we are going to pause current members for this week in Olympia/Centralia Chehalis (haven't decided about Longview...I'll probably send you all an email), and get our new Olympia members started this week. I'm thinking we will be delivering to Olympia on Tuesday, but I will be in email touch with each new member personally to get you started, along with sending general information about how our CSA works. Email is the best way to reach me, so always let me know if you have any questions, requests, ideas, etc.

2008 Spring CSA Delivery Schedules and Updates

May 28, 2008

Olympia after 4 on Thursday the 29th at the CSA house, deliveries after that.

Centralia/Chehalis - Friday the 30th after 4 at Good Health, deliveries after that.

Longview - Saturday the 31st at market 9-2 (we prefer 11-1 pickup, but you choose)

Note: Olympia/CenraliaChehalis - there will be no delivery the week of June 2 for those of you who have been receiving deliveries. There are two big events next week with Joel Salatin at Evergreen on June 5th and the local dinner at the Capitol on June 7th that are going to be a big demand on produce and time. For those of you who are new members, we will start your deliveries next week, most likely on Thursday. I'll contact each of you personally for details.
Hopefully we can fall into a regular rhythm for the rest of the season.

May 23, 2008

Delivered Centralia/Chehalis to Good Health late this afternoon and they can be picked up Saturday between 9-6.

Delivered Olympia to our CSA house late this evening, and they can be picked up Saturday, the sooner the better so Diane has her porch free for the weekend. Not urgent, just a consideration.

Everyone have a safe and delicious weekend.

May 22, 2008

Hi everyone! Sure lots of good things going on, and spring's not one of them, ha ha. Plants are slow growing outside, happy in the greenhouse, and I do think it is going to be a great season for local produce. We were going to deliver to Olympia this evening, Thursday, but we're going to fix the brakes on the van instead and come up Friday, could be morning or afternoon. I'll let you know when I know.

Here are two upcoming exciting events (details forthcoming).

Joel Salatin at Evergreen State College, Thursday, June 5, 2008

Local Dinner & Keynote Speaker, 6 p.m., June 7, 2008, Olympia State Capitol Pritchard Building, Fresh Measures Cafe

Schedule for this week:

Olympia/Centralia/Chehalis: Friday, May 23, morning or afternoon...we'll let you know when we're on our way.
Longview: Saturday, May 24 at the Farmers Market at the Fairgrounds...remember to bring bags

Note: I've been envisioning a mobile commercial kitchen to be able to use to serve local foods at farmers markets for at least two years. Well, yesterday was I was given a lead on one for sale in Yelm. I'll be looking at it Sunday. We're looking at how to finance it...knowing it will pay for itself in short time...can you imagine how many people would like breakfast and/or lunchat the Longview Market. I suppose we could even sell "Local Farm Cuisine" Shares like we do CSA shares. We'll keep you posted, and if any of you know of someone who might be interested in being a financial backer, let me know. I'm very hopeful we can go full-out with LOCAL food service this season.

P.S. We also have certified raw goat milk for sale: $5/half-gallon, $10/gallon...you can have a standing order or order as wanted, first come first served. Eggs too - $3.50 and $4/dozen...just different farms, both are good.

May 6, 2008

I don't how things are going for all of you, but sure a lot to keep up with here at the farm. If any of you ever have the hankerin' to get your hands in the dirt, let us know. We're ready for volunteers. We might even fix you dinner by the campfire, or teach a class or two. We are still struggling with getting on our financial feet, but we're working on keeping it all together until it all comes together. I know this will be a good season, and I know you all will be happy to be connected to a farm. Here's the schedule for this week. We're still downsizing until we're stabilized, and appreciate your cooperation.

Olympia - Update May 7 - My meetings have been rescheduled to Thursday in Olympia so deliveries will be Thursday, May 8 late afternoon at the CSA house, deliveries after that, instead of Wednesday, May 7 as previously posted.
Centralia/Chehalis - before the week is out...could be Friday or sooner.
Longview - Saturday, May 10 at the Farmer's Market at the fairgrounds. We're still asking for any of you who are willing to pause, but for any of you who would really like a delivery, come to market and we'll do our best to serve you. If we don't hear from you or see you we won't drop off for you at Bonnie's.

Note: Put June 5 and June 7th on your calendar. June 5th Joel Salatin will be teaching at Evergreen State College during the day and a public lecture in the evening, which will sell out. Don't have details on tickets yet, but forthcoming. If you want any, let me know. You can google search his work for now. June 7th is the dinner...this will be sold out too, so register early if you really want to come. Details forthcoming too.

P.S. We now have local certified raw goat milk available to our CSA members for $5/half-gallon, the supply of eggs is good right now and they are $3.50/dozen, and we've learned about raw wool that is available if any of you are spinners and weavers or felters, or all of the above.

April 25, 2008

Thought I'd call it spring while we have some sunshine! Geez, for those of you who have been waiting to know what's going on, so have I! Here's the short report. Most of you received a lengthy letter from the farm a week or two ago updating you with the impact the flood and relentless winter has had/is having on the farm. We put out a call for help and solutions and it has been a very heartening experience of 100% show of support, whether it be willing to take a pause from deliveries until production picks up, to signing up and paying for another year's membership and everything in between. Thank you to all of you. New ideas have been created and relationships have been strengthened. It has also been a very interesting experience "negotiating" with people who are vested in each other's well-being - a beautiful example of what is possible between people.

The good news is we will be continuing on, but there will be temporary changes. Right now our focus has to be cash flow for us to keep going. Normally we fill CSA's first, and sell what is left over second, but for the time being we are going to have to put selling as a priority until production and income stabilizes. I've worked out plans with many of you (some pausing, some continuing), but for those of you I haven't, my request is to pause your deliveries until production picks up. If we find we have surplus, we'll be sure to let you know. For any of you who can make a payment on a summer membership or extending your season, this will be the most help, but only if it works for you. If you have any questions let me know as I haven't spoken with each of you, and there isn't a "one size fits all" solution. We'll be in flex mode for the time being.

We'll be at the Longview Farmers market tomorrow, Saturday, and any deliveries to Good Health and Olympia will take place the first of the week.

Put June 7th on your calendar for a big local dinner at the State Capitol. Details forthcoming and unfolding.

To miracles and gratitude,

2008 Winter CSA Delivery Schedules and Updates

April 17, 2008

Olympia/Tumwater deliveries Friday, April 18, after 1 p.m. at the CSA house, deliveries after that. We're experiencing shortages and delays in getting produce from the Co-op so we can't deliver until Friday.

Centralia/Good Health Friday, April 18, pick up Saturday 9-6

Longview Saturday, April 19, we prefer you pick up 11-1, but earlier okay if that works better for you. The market will be across the street as part of the Earth Day event. I don't know where our booth will be located. If you can't find us you can ask the manager. Dress for winter...I'm sure you all know about the arctic weather coming.

April 9, 2008

Olympia/Tumwater deliveries Thursday evening, April 10
Question: For any of you who have had your fill of cabbage and dark greens you can take a pause from deliveries until we have more spring items if you'd like.. Just send me an email. As we all know, it is being a very cold and wet spring, so the season is at least a month or so behind.

Centralia/Good Health Friday, April 11, pick-up Saturday 9-6

Longview Saturday 9-6 Saturday, April 12. Market opens at 9 but we prefer pick-ups between 11-1 if possible. If you need an early pick-up just let us know and we'll do our best.
Question: Since last week was the first market of the season and we're just getting things going for the season, for any of you we've not had contact with could you please send an email and let us know if you'd like a delivery this Saturday or not?

General questions/comments of the week: We'll be making a Coleslaw/Thai Noodle Mix this week in place of the Stir Fry Mix as it looks now, fyi. We will be bringing/including an instant soup mix that we love using with these veggies and you can decide if you'd like to try it. STINGING NETTLES: we have fresh spring nettles if any of you have any experience using them, or we could bring it to you made into fresh tea, or dried and you can make your own tea.
The price of broccoli at the Olympia Food Co-op just went up to over $3/pound. I just transplanted 13 broccoli plants yesterday, and lots of broccoli and other seeds started. Interesting and unprecended times. Hope and Hope are the focus (unlike Hope and Despair...oppositite sides of the coin but when they are "hardwired" together, not a good thing.)
Just something I'm contemplating and thought I'd share. Besides, these are really exciting times. Not only are we in the midst of unprecedented times, we are in the midst of creating unprecedented miracles that would not happen without the current challenges.

April 3, 2008

Olympia/Tumwater deliveries this evening.

Centralia/Good Health Friday, April 4, pick-up Saturday 9-6.

Longview - See you at market this Saturday, April 5th. I think we'll be as happy to see you as you will to see us. Thank your for accepting a pause in deliveries. It was essential for ouir continuation, and very much appreciated.

Market begins at 9, and if possible we prefer for you to pick-up between 11-1, but if you want to come early you can...we might just need a little help. We may not be able to fill all the shares tomorrow, or may have to begin with alternating weeks until supplies increase, so we'll see how it goes. If you could email me to let me know if you plan on picking up a share, or not, that will help in our planning.

Note: Please bring bags, containers, etc. I want to get away from using plastic as much as possible this year and have thought about making cloth bags for salad greens. If any of you have any surplus material and/or a sewing machine and would like to make some let me know. I can purchase cellophane bags and while they are very good they are very expensive.


I am very introspective still on preserving farmland and do believe we will collectively come up with some innovative solutions this season. Two farms were preserved with state money this past week, and I'm certain as a direct result of my efforts over the past several years. Tribune Story. Now we need to expand the idea. We'll be talking about this and other innovative projects around the country at the dinner on May 5th. Would recommend getting your reservations in soon as seating is limited. If someone will connect us with a restaurant in Longview I will host one there, and we will also be holding them at the State Capitol in Olympia in the near future.

"Going Local Dinner and The Small-Mart Revolution
May 5th, Mackinaw's Restaurant, Chehalis


March 27, 2008

Good Health/Home Deliveries late this afternoon.

Olympia deliveries Thusday evening. Westside shares to be picked up at the CSA house in the Capitol area this week.

Note: I will be away until Monday, so if you need anything call and leave a message for Brad. Thanks!

March 20, 2008

Olympia shares were delivered last night (Thursday).

Centralis/Chehalis Good Health and home deliveries will be mid-afternoon today. I'll post a time when I'm leaving.
I was just informed that some produce we had ordered won't be in until later today, so plan on picking up your share, or receiving it, after 1 p.m. on Saturday.

March 14, 2008

1:15 p.m. - Brad just called from the Co-op and said the van is running fine, so good news it may just have been the battery. Pick up at the Olympia CSA house after 2 p.m. today, deliveries after that. Centralia/Chehalis/Good Health deliveries will be late afternoon today, Friday.. I would suggest picking up on Saturday 9-6 at Good Health.

11:30 a.m. - Brad is on his way to Olympia. He's going to call me to let me know he made it and then I'll post a time they will be at the CSA house, deliveries after that.

March 13, 2008

Our van broke down on the freeway today, threw our schedule off for the day, and with the on and off rain this evening we've decided to postpone delivery to Olympia and Centralia until tomorrow morning. We think we've solved the van problem, but don't know for sure, so another good reason for not going tonight.

I will post here tomorrow morning the expected time the shares will arrive at our CSA house, and deliveries will be after that. If you have any questions just send me an email.

March 2, 2008

Spring is springing, wahooo! It couldn't have come any too soon for any of us. Thank you to all of you for your patience and understanding this past winter. Solutions to the flooding are still being studied by the Governor on down, and it's bringing many more people and players into the conversation, which is good. Lewis County left to its own is not a good thing...one of the reasons the flood had such a huge impact. Hopefully we'll make it through the spring rains and snow melt from the mountains and start making smart land use planning decisions.

I just got turned on to Permaculture, A Designers' Manual by Bill Mollison. I've know of permaculture for a long time and can't figure out how I've missed this difinitive book. I think it will become my next area of focus. I can't tell you how jazzed I am about it. The book is out of print and is $95 on Amazon.com, but if anyone comes across some better deals please let me know. This is a must-read (study...it's 595 pages) for everyone...no exceptions. Yesterday a young man who just came back from six months in Aisa studying permaculture and is heading today to Israel for another six months to do the same thing, told me about Gaia University where you can get degrees in permaculture and much more. I've just glanced at it, but very very exciting and encouraging. I see the awakening happening. And then my older son called me and told me Oprah Winfrey is starting an online course Monday night with Eckhart Tolle, author of A New Earth, and this looks very good too...awakening to our life's purpose. What if we lived in a world where everyone was living a passionate life deeply connected to their life's purpose.

I was really sorry to have to put deliveries on pause, but it has been very helpful to allow me to take a rest from the pace, pause and reflect, AND to start working on planting, which I am thoroughly enjoying. I've spent the last few years with a greater focus on farmland preservation in the bigger picture, but now that more people are on the bandwagon I'm going to take a few steps back and focus on my own farm (our farm) and the overall operation. It feels so good. While there are still very important issues to work on, I'm going to do my best to stay focused on the farm.

I'm also considering growing grains such as amaranth, quinoa, sorghum, flax, oats, wheat, buckwheat, etc. now that the price of grain is getting so high and supplies are dimishing. This will be more experimental initially. Also, for any of you or if you know of someone who might be interested, we have extra land here for anyone who is looking for a place to grow and/or learn about growing.

For our omnivore members, let me know if any of you are still interested in a Pork Share. Breanna, our grower from Scatter Creek Farm in Rochester, one of her sows gave birth to 13 piglets, can you imagine. Breanna loves raising pigs, and for those of you who are meat eaters, the meat is incredible. I can't believe I'm saying this...I used to be vegetarian for 20 years, didn't eat pork even when I ate meat, now my diet is local and organic, with animals an important part of a sustainable farm...definitely not a good idea from industrialized farms though taking down rainforests...We're going to be getting a couple of pigs, and could get a couple more to put in our orchard field to manage the grass and prepare the ground. I've wanted to do this for some time. They are $80 each, and we'd need to factor in a grain/feed cost, while I am also exploring alternatives. They will be ready in about 6 months. If you're interested let me know and we'll work out the details.

Continued, we are also in conversation with Mountain Niche Farm. They are a small farm dedicated to raising heritage breeds of sheep for wool and breeding stock. From time to time they have frozen lamb, but are not licensed to sell meat retail. They can sell an animal and make all the other arrangements up to delivery, so Kim and I are talking about working out the logistics. Let me know if you want placed on the interested list and when we have details we'll let you know.

How many of you are familiar with the term Locavores?

Here is a delivery schedule as it looks in this moment. Seeing that the Longview Farmers Market is the first one to open for us we'll have that be the re-starting date for Longview, April 5th, 9-1 at the fairgrounds. Our plan is to come with the CSA produce in bulk boxes, a sign board with contents for the day, and you all pack your own. Our perference is you come between 11-1, but if coming at 9 works better for you let me know and we will work it out for you. For any deliveries not picked up at market and we didn't hear from you that you don't want a share that week, we will drop it off at Bonnie's place on Pacific Way, and make home deliveries.

For Olympia and Centralia/Chehalis, we are currently endeavoring to make weekly and bi-weekly deliveries, and to get on a regular schedule of delivering on Thursdays. I'll confirm this in the next couple of days. Feel free to send me an email if you have any questions or requests.

We are hoping to get away from using as much plastic as possible this year, so bringing recycled plastic bags (and stopping using them in the first place....I'm working on it) and paper bags would be good. Also, what do you think of the idea of making cloth bags for share bags. Each of you would have 2 and leave one for us each week. And how about making cloth produce bags for greens. If any of you have a sewing machine and would like to help with this let me know. We can buy cellophane bags which are biodegradeable and allow the greens to breath so they last a long time, but they are quite expensive. We might have to pass the cost on, or look for alterntives like the reusable bags and cloth bags. I'm open to suggestions.

Our canopy was damaged in the storm this winter so we are looking for a replacement, actually 2 so we can have our farmstand in one and CSA/demo space in the other. If you have a used one you're not using any more, see one for a good price online or at a garage sale, let me know.

Enjoy the spring and see you all soon!


February 12, 2008

Thought you'd like to hear from me! Sorry about the absence of postings. This has been a daunting winter to say the least. Good news is life is finally coming to the plants and signs of spring are here. Because this winter has been so miserable to impossible to grow in we are going to take a pause from deliveries to allow us a pause, get some seeds in the ground, and an opportunity to regroup and get some life in ourselves. Brad and I are really looking forward to this growing season.

We won't be back to Longview until market opens in April as it looks now. And what we will have when market opens remains to be seen. We'll let you know closer to the time. We will be on a pause in Olympia/Centralia/Chehalis too, except for a few of you whom I'll be in direct email contact with.

I keep trying to drop my farmland preservation efforts, and how does a farmer-activist do that! Things keep popping up, like this amazing event coming upSatruday and Sunday evenings at the Eagles Ballroom in Olympia.
It's a Big Benefit Music Concert to raise money to help the farmers hurt by the flood. Olympia Flood Aid (http://www.myspace.com/farmfloodrelief) was created by a couple of musicians a day after the flood saying they wanted to do something to help the farmers. This event is their manifestation, and in a very short time. Check out the link. I think this will be an event to remember, and there will be more as long as the farms need help. There will be music and more music, auctions, food, speakers, slide shows of the flood, and more. Hope to see some of you there. Curious how disasters bring us together. Guess we get reminded about what is really important...life and love and laughter and a light heart!

January 30, 2008

Well, I've been waiting for the weather to clear so we can havest at Josh's farm in Chehalis, but now I'm waiting for the roads to clear so it's safe to drive. Looks like there will not be a delivery this week. Geez. I've been farming here since 1996 and exploring what can be grown in the winter here in the Pacific Northwest, something I couldn't do growing up and living in Ohio. The problem is now I feel like I'm in Ohio. No complaints though, I would rather be here than anywhere else. Good thing because that's where I am...I think one of the big lessons in life.

There are a lot of very cool things evolving in our local sustainable food system, so let's spend these last few precious moments in the cool and wet of our winter in appreciation of the sun and the moon and the air and the water and the soil and itsy bitsy microbes and minerals and the list goes on and the farmers and the very important CSA members that bring delicious and healthy food to our tables, and anything else that I've forgotten to mention. We are part of a team just like the microbes in the soil, and even if we can't be seen we are still very important. This promises to be a breakthrough year for local farming, and hopefully for us as humanity. These are challenging times, but maybe what we're up to is creating a miracle equal to the challenges we are facing. After so many times of apparent breakdowns and then breakthroughs on my farm, I've come to learn that breakthroughs are on the other side of breakdowns. Maybe that's what we're up to these days.

Here's what I was working on last week, a very dynamic week with lots of synchronicity requiring me to drop nearly everything else, even committments to you all and other important things...except in the long run this is about supporting all of us, just in the bigger picture but needing to let go of the immediate. Tricky business. Thank you to all of you, 99% of you, who have wholeheartedly supported me, even in my imperfections. Here's the article in The Olympian, January 28, 2008, John Dodge, Environmental Writer: Enlarge the photos if you can...the color contrasts are beautiful, as are the farmers.

Lawmakers look to connect local food with schools, Capitol Bill would route area produce to state cafeteria

Pretty cool, eh, and there is more to come. I'm hopeful that this kitchen can become the food processing kitchen for value-added products that can start to stock our food co-ops and health food stores and CSA's and farmers markets. Imagine products of the quality, flavor and integrity of our garlic basil dressing lining the shelves of your favorite marketplace. It's possible, and possibility is a great place to live. Beats no possibility.

I've been told there will be a farm film shown in Longview Sunday evening. When I have details I'll post them here.

Farmer Susie

January 23, 2008
10 p.m.

Tumwater, Tuesday, January 22 by 4 p.m. *

Longview, Friday (not Thursday), January 25 by 4 p.m. (make sure to pick up or have someone pick up for you by 6 p.m. because of the freezing temperatures). NOTE: For any of you who have told me you are willing to skip a week, I'm going to take you up on the offer this week. The deep freeze we're in has created it's challenges, and some other very exciting good news is in the works and this will allow me to focus on it...watch The Olympian newspaper, environmental page Monday. I was going to write you all about it, and then it turned into news. As it is seen in this moment, the shares I will be delivering to Longview will be: Gail & Ann, Suzanne Meg., Darrin, Tracy, Deborah, and Lee Ann. If any of the rest of you really want a delivery, let me know, or those of you who are scheduled but could get by without one, let me know.

Centralia/Chehalis, Saturday, January 26 after 1 p.m. at Good Health, deliveries after that.

Olympia, Saturday, January 26 after 5 at the CSA house (pick up that evening if it's still sub-freezing), deliveries after that. Note: There may be a couple of deliveries to Olympia Thursday, January 24 to new shareholders on the waiting list - Juliana and Whitney. I'll confirm by phone or email.

January 19, 2008 Update for Olympia and Centralia/Chehalis

Most of you were called, but in case you were missed, there's no delivery this week. Between the mud and the freezing, and now it's looking like severe freezing for the next several days, eee gads. We do expect to have a delivery next week, most likely Saturday to Olympia and Chehalis. Those of you in Olympia who can't do a weekend pickup let me know and we'll try to bring it Tuesday.

January 18, 2008 Update for Olympia and Centralia/Chehalis

Due to the freezing we aren't able to pick in the field we were waiting to dry up from the rain!! What a winter. There will be no delivery Friday the 18th to Olympia. Brad will be calling each of you todayto chewith what your options are for a delivery tomorrow, Saturday, or if you want to skip this week. Next week's looking better.

January 16, 2008

Here's the schedule for this week. I'm also working on sending out a questionnaire and hope to get that to you this week.
* = delivered

Tumwater, Tuesday, January 15 by 4 p.m. *
Longview, Thursday, January 17 after 4 p.m. at Bonnie's, or anytime Friday or Saturday *
Olympia, Friday, January 18 by 5 p.m. at our CSA house, deliveries after that
Centralia/Chehalis, Saturday, January 19 after 1 p.m. at Good Health, deliveries after that, and if you're coming to the Matrix Coffee House Saturday Grassroots Conversations you can pick it up there 12-5. Just let me know.
Note: The Matrix also has live music Saturday evenings and great food, including vegan and vegetarian entrees.

Jerusalem Artichoke Alert: It has been brought to our attentioon that Jerusalem Artichokes can be upsetting to some people's digestive system. From a vegan website: "Sunchokes are often called a starchy plant, but the starch is in the form of inulin, a polysaccharide from which fructose can be produced. Because this starch, or inulin, is not easily digestible by everyone, it may be best to introduce the vegetable in small amounts."

January 7, 2007

The past six weeks have been filled with a myriad of circumstances, some you are aware of and some you are not. We're hoping that things are settling down enough to allow us to get back to regular weekly deliveries this week. Just know we haven't forgotten you and we haven't been slacking. Everything I do is focused on bringing you the best local produce possible, and securing a safe food supply for all.

The constant rain is still making it difficult for us to pick in one of our main fields in Adna. The kale got so muddy it took us 5 minutes to clean one curly leaf, so we're looking for other options in the farming community until we can get back in that field. We may be doing some improvising so we may be giving you some choices before we deliver.
Just keep an eye on this link for updates.

Proposed Schedule for the week of January 7, 2007:

Tumwater, Tuesday, January 8 before 5 p.m.
Olympia, Wednesday, January 9 in the evening (maybe Tuesday)
Longview, Thursday, January 10 after 4 p.m. at Bonnie's
Centralia/Chehalis, Friday, January 11 after 4 p.m. at Good Health, deliveries after that

The Film Festival is still going on at McMenamins Olympic Club in Centralia through Thursday. Showings are at 12 Noon and 3 p.m., $5 suggested donation, and you can order the Local Lunch Special, $12 including movie. It is definitely worth coming to, not only for the films themselves which are very good, but the McMenamins venue is worth the trip just by itself.

January 3, 2007

Due to the weather it looks like we'll have to continue to be on stand-by. The main field we pick in is too muddy to get into. It's been a doozey of a winter and it hasn't let up yet. We will look for a window of opportunity to get things to you and will let you know at the time.

We are hosting a Film Festival at the Olympic Club in Centralia Janary 4-10th.. Films will be shown at noon (plus a local lunch) and 3 daily, and Sunday the 6th at noon, 3, 5, 7. It would be great if some of you could come. It's definitely worth the trip. The McMenamins Dinner Theater is a fabulous venue.

December 28, 2007

I hope you all had a meaningful Christmas and looking forward to a really great New Year!

The community that has come together around Lewis County has been extraordinary and a really beautiful outcome of a very difficult situation. Thank you to all of you who have and are so generously giving of your time and money. The recovery will continue for a long time, and we have some really great events and projects that can help our community get back on its feet over the long haul. I'll keep you posted.

CSA Update: There will be no deliveries this week of Christmas and I'll give you the schedule for the next two weeks in a couple of days. We're finalizing an Organic Farms Film Festival at the Olympia Club that will take place January 4-10 so I want that to get firmed up before making the schedule. We have some really great things in the works.

Week of December 10, 2007

12-11-07 It's been a difficult decision, but due to recent circumstances we will be temporarily discontinuing our CSA deliveries until further notice. We will honor all memberships so please record the number of deliveries you have remaining and that is where we will pick up when we continue. I don't have a time frame, but I did learn from one of our grower-farms yesterday that they got very wet but didn't flood, so this is very good news. I've also located another source of local produce in Yelm that didn't flood. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at: winlockmeadowsfarm1@yahoo.com. I will be away from the farm for several days answering telephones but I will check emails. The Chronicle newspaper in Centralia is a source of local news on the flooding. Blessings, Susie

12-10-07 Hi Everyone, Sorry to be out of communication with all of you. I went to my daughter's over the weekend to rest and regroup and am returned to the farm today (Monday) to start figuring out what's next. What has happened is mind-boggling. The good news is our farm came through in good shape. It's not on a particularly high spot, and we even have a creek which became more of a river, but it never crested over the bank to our place. This property has never flooded in recorded history and that's saying something. The farms that we were sourcing most of our produce from for our winter shares where devastatingly hit. Their crops are destroyed and some their homes, greenhouses, barns, etc....everything. Our focus needs to be helping them getting back on their feet. I'll keep you posted with ways that you can help soon.

I will also have to get back to you on when deliveries will resume and what they will look like. My guess is there won't be a delivery this week, but in this moment I really don't know so watch for an updated posting in the next couple of days. Traditionally with CSAs they are a shared relationship with the farmer and the shareholders, sharing the bounty and the losses, not leaving the farmer out there by him/herself. I'm going to do what I can to honor everyone's membership, but I'm going to have to regroup. Even though I've gotten some rest and a step-away from it all, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed upon returning to the farm this morning. I just read Al Gore's Nobel Peace Prize speech which was very sobering and a powerful call to action. We all have a lot to think about, and then to get in action about.

It is very heartwarming and encouraging to see how the communities have pulled together through this, and the resiliance of the human spirit. This is a great example of what we can do when we all pull together. Blessings, Susie

Week of December 3, 2007

12-4-07 There will be no deliveries this week due to the flooding. Lewis County was hit particularly hard, and farms we harvest and source produce from are in some of the hardest hit areas. We still don't have word of how they are doing, but trust they are safe and look forward to hearing from them soon. The odd thing is we may wish for this kind of rainfall this summer. Interesting times we live in. BTW, our farm is okay, even though we've been stranded here since Sunday. I had hoped to go to the first Office of Farmland Preservation meeting in Olympia tomorrow, December 5th, but the weather had a different plan. Something you might find interesting, I'm certain I had an influence in the formation of this office through my testimonies with the Senate Agriculture Committee the past two years. Senator Shin, who was part of the Office of Farmland Preservation legislation, and on the Senate Agriculture Committee expressed he was disturbed with my testimony that we are importing more food than we are exporting. We are now dependent upon foreign food like we are on foreign oil, and we're paving our farmland. Senator Shin and I spoke outside the hearing room after my testimony and I told him I actually thought it was an issue of national security. He contemplated for a moment and said that the legislature helped Boeing a few years ago and maybe it's time to creating funding to help the small family farmer. My impression is this Office of Farmland Preservaion will be working on creating a funding stream to purchase development rights in farms. Lesson: You can make a difference. You just need to show up somewhere and do something, and best if it's something you are passionately committed to. Deliveries to resume when possible. It looks like I-5 will be closed through the weekend and possibly into next week. What a mess. Watch for a posting. Blessing to you all. Susie

12-3-07 Note: Winter deliveries are the most prone to inconsistencies due to the unpredictible weather. This is my 4th winter CSA season and every season is different and has it's own challenges. I was hoping to have a Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday schedule to have all deliveries complete, but with the heavy winds and rain it looks like we'll have to change our schedule. Below is the proposed schedule.
Changes will be posted or if not enough time you will be called.

Longview - Thursday, December 6, Bonnie's after 4 p.m. We hope to be there by 2 p.m. for any of you who would like to pick up earlier.

Olympia, Centralia/Chehalis, Farm - Friday, December 7 before the day is out. Pick-ups at the CSA house and Good Health would be best on Saturday.

Olympia - M.R. at the DOH - on standby with the weather. We'll keep in email contact.

This week's bonus item: The first person to send an email that they read this posting will receive a free bar of locally made and produced bar of soap from Scattercreek Farm in Rochester.

Week of November 26, 2007
(all delivered)

Olympia - Tuesday evening, November 27 to CSA House (would recommend picking up Wednesday the 28th), deliveries Tuesday evening, November 27, including Tumwater. DOH delivery Tuesday or Wednesday November 27/28 before 4 p.m.

Centralia/Chehalis/Farm - Wednesday, November 28 to Good Health, pick-up Thursday the 29th. Deliveries Wednesday, November 28th.

Longview - Thursday, November 29 after 4 p.m. at Bonnie's Nursery (can be picked up Friday if weather allows.)

Matrix Coffee House - Saturday, December 1, 12-5 p.m. FREE Open House discussions, open mike, music, films, music, delicious full menu w/vegan and vegetarian entrees. Participate in grassroots conversations to help find solutions to our communities’ growing challenges – food, farming, industrial growth, housing development, and how we can strengthen the local economy and health of our communities. Bring your topics of interests, concerns, personal agendas and be a part of shaping your community’s future.

Longview - Delivered Thursday, November 15

Olympia - Delivering Friday, November 16, before 4:30 to offices and CSA house, deliveries after that.

Centralia/Chehalis - Pick-up at Good Health after 2 on Saturday, November 17, deliveries after that, or could be picked up at the Matrix Coffee House if you let me know.

Matrix Coffee House, Chehalis 12-5, Saturdays for informal community conversations around food and farming, growth and development, films, open, music, and a great menu to order from so come hungry and Rick will feed you well, plus this helps to support his generous gift of the space free to the community. Address: 434 Prindle St. NW, Exit 77, 740-0492

2007 Summer CSA Delivery Schedules and Updates

Updated Monday, June 18 11 p.m.

The wedding was a treasure of a day. I'll share a few pictures when I have them. Note: I said a "few."

Centralia/Chehalis - Wednesday, June 20, Good Health after 12 noon, deliveries after that.
Note: You may also pick up at the Chehalis Farmers Market Tuesday, 2-4 preferred (market is 12-4)

Olympia - Thursday, June 21 after 6:30 p.m. at the CSA house, deliveries after that.
Note: You may also pick up at the Tumwater Farmers Market Wednesday at 2 (market is 11-2)

Longview - Saturday, June 23 at market 11-2, deliveries after that.




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