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Winlock Meadows Farm presents…
Autumn Farm Field Days
October 31-Nov. 2
Friday 3 p.m. – Sunday 3 p.m.
(join us for an hour or the weekend)

Saturday Night: Harvest Celebration Potluck, Campfire and Music

Impromptu and Scheduled Workshops, Demonstrations, and
Farm Activities all weekend

The Out/Raw Chef, John Duran of Eugene, Oregon, Demos Saturday at 12 and 3, and Sunday at 12, and he'll be here all weekend. John has been a chef for 30 years. After discovering raw foods he became inspired to teach kids about healthy food which he does in the public school system. Wahoo!! He also refers to the Harvard Study where they are proposing an alternative to the USDA food pyramid. A very engaging, knowledgeable and fun Chef who is now being a model to other chefs to become connected to local farms and to directly where food comes from....an alternative to picking up the telephone and calling a distributor when a chef needs produce. And if raw foods don't excite you (but they will after you watch him), he still cooks food too, including organizing the harvest meal on Saturday afternoon/evening. More

Bring: Something to share – knowledge, music, a skill, a craft to teach,
non-competitive game to play, helping hands, lost traditions worth sharing, etc. More

(Check Website for periodic updates)

Raw Foods Festival - August 21-26 2003

Yelm Earthworm &
Castings Farm
14741 Lawrence Lake Rd SE Yelm, WA 98597
Phone: 360-894-0707
email: mail@yelmworms.com
website: yelmworms.com
Fall Harvest Festival Saturday, September 20th, 9am - 3:30pm Radio Gardening Personality, Ciscoe, of KIRO? Radio will be airing his show at the farm between 9am-12pm.  There will be free workshops throughout the day on Putting Up the Harvest, Pickling Vegetables Without Canning, Bee Keeping and Honey Making, and Small Family Farms - A Model to Inspire.  Live music, great food, local vendors, farmers market, and more.  Vendor space still available.  Contact Pam at 894-0707 for details.

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