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CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Memberships

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is where farms sell "memberships" in their farm in advance of the season allowing the farm to purchase seeds, equipment, and supplies necessary to begin growing for the year.  This is one of the ways the community supports the farm by becoming "shareholders, stakeholders, farm-supporters". 

 The members (or shareholders, etc.) in return receive a box of local farm-fresh seasonally harvested produce every week during the season.  Our CSA season generally begins the last week of May and ends the middle of October, an average of 22 weeks per season.  This is one of the ways the farm supports the community by providing some of the freshest, most delicious, and good-for-you produce.  Click on this link to find details about our 2007/8 CSA Memberships.

Produce found at grocery stores has traveled 1500-2000 miles from where it was grown, grown for it's looks, shipping ability, and not with your health and well-being in mind.  Eating vegetables as close to the time of harvest is important in retaining the most nutrition.  That's actually why we encourage you to grow your own food.  But for those of you who can't or don't want to, having your own personal farmer is the next best!

We have accountants, attorneys, mechanics, barbers/hair stylists, etc.why not have our own personal farmer!  It's really a pretty practical idea, and once you've tried it you wouldn't want it any other way.  Actually that's one of the problems of buying from a local sustainable farm - it's very difficult to eat commercially grown vegetables again once you've tasted local farm-fresh veggies.  Which brings me to another point.

Small family farms are near extinction, and when I was contemplating how that happened I realized it was due to two factors.  One is that people haven't been connected to their local farms.  The other reason is that there has always been food on the grocery store shelf, consequently no concern about the food supply.  If we had been directly connected to a local farm such as a CSA farm and it was in trouble, we could have created a support system to preserve the farm.  Well, we didn't do that then and consequently small family farming does not even exist in the census any longer.  The Welfare-to-Work program doesn't even recognize small family farming as a viable occupation.  Presently less than 2% of the population is small family farmers, but the good news is that is changing.

There is a "literal" grass-roots movement growing to preserve small family farms such as our farm, and while we've all been working often individually in our own way to make a difference, we are beginning to network with each other and are becoming a strong and powerful voice. 

We hope you become actively involved in the movement to preserve small family farms.   It's good for you, it's good for the small farms and their families, it's good for the local economy, and it's great for the community.  We believe that small family farms are at the foundation of healthy communities, and when we strengthen small family farms we strengthen communities, consequently this has become our farm's Guiding Philosophy .

Look at organics not as an expense but as an investment in yourself, your family, your environment, and your community.  If you don't join our farm, please join someone's.  Our food security depends upon it.

-Farmer Susie

Pennsylvania Town Starts
First Municipal CSA
Seven years after taxpayers of Wrightstown Township, Pennsylvania purchased a 100-acre tract of open space, eight acres of that property are set to become Anchor Run Farm, the country's first municipally-funded community supported agriculture operation, according to the Newtown Advance. The Township Supervisors have hired a couple with background in CSA's to run the farm, which is expected to grow food for local restaurants as well as CSA members. The farm has the option to expand in the future, and in its first year will sell 60 CSA memberships. More

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