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Edible Flower Salad

Contact Us
Winlock Meadows Farm
186 Tingle Road
Winlock, WA 98596

Email: winlockmeadowsfarm1

Susie Kyle
Small Farm Activist
& Local Artisan 
Food Producer

Local Flavors Market
& Country Kitchen

Olympia Local Foods

2010-11 CSA Memberships

Bank your future on family farms!

Focus on Healthy Local Food Will Help Us All 


October 21, 2012

Note:  The Winlock Meadows Farm website if for historical purposes. 
 A Local Flavors Market website will be developed in the near future.


June 28, 2009
Greetings! the last update on our website was November 19, 2008. Looks like we just surfaced since starting the Cafe, the farming season, and now the Farmer's Market season. Phew! Guess the website wasn't in the equation. Too busy doing to tell you what we're doing. The Local Flavors Market & Cafe where we serve a local, seasonal and whole-foods menu is off and running. Details below. Here's our current amazing schedule. Hope to see you this season, especially at the Monday Night Movie Nights & Community Conversations at the Cafe, no charge, full menu available and free samples.

Local Flavors Market & Café
serving a local, seasonal and whole-foods menu.

Located at Thorbecke's Fitlife Center in Chehalis, WA,
Exit 77 Chehalis, 2 blocks east and turn right on
Chehalis Ave. SE behind Darigold, 3 blocks and as the road curves you'll drive straight into Thorbecke's parking lot up on the hill. Look for our sign in the middle of the building, 
Suite 105.
Hours: Monday-Thursday 10-7, Fridays 10-2
Cafe also available for parties, meetings, luncheons, and local delivery.
Phone:360-748-6657; 360-785-4927 Email:winlockmeadowsfarm1@yahoo.com
Address: 91 Chehalis Ave. SE, Chehalis, WA 98532

P.S. Read the Transition Handbook by Rob Hopkins - library, Amazon, Book & Brush in Chehalis, etc.
Read, share, and joyfully step up to the plate to be a part of transforming your community.

The Transition Initiative http://transitionculture.org/


Mom and Daughter Farm-Food Ventures

Mari Mankamyer of Bloom TimeNursery and Susie Kyle of Winlock Meadows Farm and Local Flavors Market & Café are now doing
the local farmer’s markets together, the first time ever since Mari at the age of 14 requested to have her own plot of land. Any of you who know her know she is a premier grower par excellence. Now she has her own perennial plants nursery and grows amazing vegetable starts. Soon she will be starting her fall and winter vegetable starts and it’s suggested you place yourorder early or get on her “interested” list.
Contact Mari at: bloomtimenursery@gmail.com or 360-894-1292

Susie is a farmer, farm activist, and now (Fall 2010) her full-time work is being a processor of local foods. She recently opened Local Flavors Market & Café at Thorbecke’s Fitlife Center in Chehalis where they serve a local, seasonal and whole-foods menu. Her specialties are garlic basil
dressing, stir fry mix, salad greens with edible flowers and CSA
monthly/seasonal/yearly memberships including: Salad Shares, Juicing
Shares, and Regular CSA Shares http://www.winlockmeadowsfarm.com. She’ll customize whatever you want, and is open to bartering for farm work and/or at the Café. Possible living situations on the farm for the right people.
Contact Susie at: winlockmeadowsfarm1@yahoo.com,
360-785-4927 (farm), or 360-748-6657 (Café).Thorbecke’s Fitlife Center Chehalis http://www.thorbeckes.com/


Tumwater Town Center Farmer’s Market 2009–
a lunch market for the state workers (and you too), and lots of lovely local
produce, flowers, goat cheese, espresso, perennial plants, vegetable starts,
garlic basil dressing, sunflower sprouts, CSA pick-up location, and much more.
Wednesdays 11 am – 2 pm…*rain or shine!
Location: Capitol Blvd. & Israel Rd., Southwestcorner.
Parking: Driving on Capitol heading south, pass Israel and turn right togo in the parking lot behind the Department of Forestry.

Centralia (Lewis County) Farmer’s Market –
lots of plants – perennials, annuals and vegetable starts, produce – local farms and Eastern Washington, hats, bread, bird houses, lovely wood yard accent pieces, garlic basil dressing, sunflower sprouts, stir fry mix, salad greens with edible flowers, CSA pick-up location, and seasonal surprises.
Fridays 9 am to 3 pm….*rain or shine!
Location: Corner of Tower Ave. and Pine St. in Centralia just past the
Olympia Club on the right.Parking: Street parking, and a parking lot next to the market.

Tenino Farmer’s Market
lots of plants –perennials, annuals and vegetable starts, produce – local farms and EasternWashington, hats, bird houses, lovely wood yard accent pieces, garlic basildressing, sunflower sprouts, stir fry mix, salad greens with edible flowers, CSA pick-up location, music, and seasonal surprises.
Saturdays 9 am to 3 pm….*rain or shine!
Location: Tenino Elementary School, 301 Old Highway 99
Parking: Easy and plenty.

(Longview) Cowlitz County Farmer’s Market –
lots and lots of plants – perennials, annuals and vegetable starts, vegetables and fruits – local farms and Eastern Washington, bread, goat cheese, bird houses, lovely wood yard accent pieces, garlic basil dressing, sunflower sprouts, stir fry mix, salad greens with edible flowers, CSA pick-up location, and seasonal surprises.
Saturdays 9 am – 2 pm….*rain or shine!
Location: Cowlitz County Fairgrounds
Parking: Ample and easy.

Jeremy's Produce Stand
Exit 77 Chehalis, 1 block east on your left.
Eastern Washington and local produce run by the most beautiful Pam Wildhaber family. You'll find our Garlic Basil Dressing, Stir Fry Mix, seasonal surprises, canning and jam cases.
Open 7 days - check website for hours.
jeremysfruitstand.com or 360-321-9096


November 19, 2008


We're opening a restaurant at Thorbecke's Fitness Center in Chehalis in the very near future. It will be a farmer-run seasonal local whole foods menu, and it's looking like it will be a cooperative. Details finalzing. Anyone interested in participating, let us know. We'll probably call it
Local Flavors Cooperative.


This will be a week-long film festival between Christmas and New Year's at McMenamin's Olympic Club in Centralia, December 26-30th. The line up of films is coming together quite nicely and details forthcoming. Put it on your calendar and keep an eye on our website and McMenamin's.

August 4, 2008

~ Local Food, Local Flavors ~

…your farmer-run local, mobile food service concession stand

Today's Location
Friday, September 12, 2008

303-10th Street, corner of Franklin a couple of blocks past the downtown library. We'll be there for lunch and may or may not change locations the rest of the day. Always open for location ideas.

“Now Serving at Farmer’s Markets”
Wednesdays 11-2, Tumwater, Israel & Capital
Saturdays 9-2, Longview, Fairgrounds
Other locations to be announced (check website)

Veggie Burrito Wraps, Quesidillas w/Garlic Basil Dressing, Fresh Fruit Smoothies, Local Raspberry-Mint Iced Tea, Farm Salads w/Garlic Basil Dressing, Veggie Snack Boxes w/Garlic Basil Dip, Fruit Snack Boxes w/Maple Yogurt.
Seasonal Surprises weekly.

$50 Meal Ticket: $45 ~ $100 Meal Ticket: $85 plus a free lunch
...to help support the development of this delicious and important project

Email: winlockmeadowsfarm1@yahoo.com
We are interested in creating a business design model where a percentage of profits will be donated to a foundation whose sole purpose is to create a funding stream to purchase development rights in farmland.

In searching Paul Newman’s business I came across a link for Humantis Wines that are sold for profit but benefit charity – capitalism with a cause.
We are going to start Local Flavors with a simple business structure and then explore ways to tie it to farmland preservation.

Anyone interested in participating in this in any way, please let me know, whether it’s working at the stand, to venture capital, a loan, purchasing a pre-paid Meal Ticket, support of any kind to help it get on its feet.
Here’s to the next level in our local sustainable food system!

There could be a fleet of these. We could have a food processing plant as a green industry. Preserve our farmland, get it in production, build a processing plant, have a local food court, stock the shelves of the Co-op and local green stores with locally grown and produced products.
Let’s do it!
Farmer Susie


Puget Sound Food Network!

WHAT: Food Network Project Launch-n-Lunch
WHEN: Wednesday, August 6, 2008
TIME: Noon to 2pm
WHERE: Rosabella's Garden Bakery
Please join us for lunch & the kick-off celebration of the Puget Sound Food Network!

The launching of a new web-based project enabling real-time communication between consumers, farmers, and other participants in the Puget Sound regional food system—and facilitating on-line food-related transactions—is set for the first week of August.

The Northwest Agriculture Business Center (NABC) will launch the creation of the Puget Sound Food Network at noon Wednesday, August 6th, at Rosabella's Garden Bakery in Bow (8933 Farm to Market Road).

Attending will be key food system participants, including representatives of the farming, restaurant, and retail food sales industries. U.S. Senator Patty Murray and Representative Rick Larsen, who were instrumental in securing the funds to create the Network, have also been invited to speak. The event will be co-hosted by Rosabella's and Northwest Farm Credit Services.

The NABC on-line market access project, a regional network of agricultural growers and producers, retailers, and food service businesses, along with key infrastructure processing, storage, and transportation providers, has received a $400,000 grant as part of the 2007-'08 U.S. Department of Commerce appropriation.

NABC Executive Director David Bauermeister said, "The market access project will serve a vital purpose—helping rebuild the Puget Sound region's dysfunctional food system. With skyrocketing fuel costs and increasing demand for locally produced food, having easily accessible, on-line information facilitating real-time transactions between food producers and consumers will be a key element in the creation of an efficient regional food system."

Bauermeister said the goals of the project are to "help foster a regional food system that supports local agriculture and provides healthy foods to local communities; increase access to locally produced value-added products throughout the region, and enhance the economic viability and sustainability of family farms by providing new market opportunities."

Bauermeister said the federal funding will provide initial capital to hire a project manager, build an internet-based network to house the communications system, recruit buyers and sellers to create transactions on-line, and promote the program to those involved in agriculture in the region.

The NABC project focuses on the portion of the Puget Sound region encompassing the 12 counties of Snohomish, Whatcom, King, Island, Pierce, San Juan, Skagit, Kitsap, Thurston, Jefferson, Mason, and Clallam. NABC staff will hold a series of community meetings throughout the region beginning in August to encourage food system participants and the public to be involved in the network.

Also introduced on the 6th will be a new NABC-developed product, Skagit Fresh Natural Sparkling Juice Beverages—100% natural, carbonated fruit drinks—as an example of local products that the on-line network will help bring to market. Local farmers will both provide the fruit for the new beverage and own the company that produces it.

For more information, connect to NABC at www.agbizcenter.org or call 360.336.3752.

July 8, 2008

Coming Soon to the Tumwater Town Center Farmer's Market on Wednesdays and the Cowlitz County Farmer's Market on Saturdays in Longview!! "LOCAL FLAVORS" - our very own version of a mobile food concession stand where we will be serving local meals made from local produce, featuring the fabulous flavors you know and have come to love like our Garlic Basil Dressing-Dip-Spread-Marinade-Sauce. And if you don't already know and love them, you're about to!


Urgent Plea for Help

109,000 acres of Lewis County farmland at immediate risk!

With 150,000 acres of agriculture land in consideration, the Lewis County Planning Commission is recommending to the Board of County Commissioners to set aside and protect only 41,000 acres, leaving 109,000 unprotected.


2006, October
VOTE NO On I-933 Alert

It's been a bountiful and delicious season. We're nearing the end of our 2006 Summer CSA season and are now offering 2006/7 Winter CSA Memberships. We are also accepting members for the month of October. You can sign up for a month, a season, plus we're also now offering one year memberships, and substantial discounts for ones paid in full.

We customize our shares to meet your family's needs...some people want more, some people want less, some people don't like kale and some people love kale, some people love the cut up ready to eat mixes and others like chopping the veggies themselves...you get the idea.

We have two sizes, a Mini designed for 1-2 people, and a Deluxe good for 2-4, and of course it varies depending upon your vegetable needs...vegetarians may want more, those new to the seasonal vegetable world may want less

2006, April
It's been a long time since I've updated our website. The 2005 season found me focusing more on marketing and developing products than on production. As a result, we have some great products to offer you this 2006 season: Our Salad Greens w/Edible Flowers, Stir Fry Mix and Dark Greens Blend...our ready-to-eat mixes that are helping all of us to get more veggies and greens in to our diet, easily...me included, and our on-it's-way to-being-a-hit Garlic Basil Dressing/Dip/Spread/Marinade/Create, and more to come .

Soon I'll have links for each of these great products...fast food that's actually good for you. Actually I don't think I even like the reference to fast food. Have you heard about Slow Foods? Carlo Petrini started Slow Foods in Rome, Italy in the late 1980's when McDonald's was coming to Rome. An amazing now-international organization worth familiarizing yourself with, including their Ark and Presidia where they preserve heirloom and native breeds, seeds, culture, taste and more.

Carlo Petrini, not daunted by the enormity of the project, decided (see what one person can do to impact a world...hint, hint) to host a first ever world meeting of food communities where he brought together 5000 food producers from 130 nations in October of 2004, and I was one of the fortunate ones as a delegate from the Olympia area to attend this event in Turin, Italy, called the Terra Madre.

(Well, that's all for tonight. To be continued. Had to start somewhere). Farmer Susie

Entering our seventh season, we are now offering our 2005 CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Memberships, we currently have Winter CSA Shares available, and we will be selling at the Olympia Farmer’s Market beginning April 1st. There are other very exciting potentials on the horizon so I’ll keep you posted as they develop.

Ever since I started my farm in 1995 I have been working on the preservation of small family farms as well. It’s been a balancing act learning how to farm and working on the bigger picture, but it’s something I’ve been pulled to do.

I’m happy to announce that my efforts are beginning to come into their own. I’m getting better at production. I’m becoming known for some of my speciality products such as my Farm Salad Mix w/Edible Flowers, Stir Fry Mix (a fast food that is actually good for you too, imagine that!), Garlic Basil Dressing we call “Knock Your Socks Off”, Wild Edible Greens, and our homemade Lucky!! Dog Biscuits whose great ingredients are as important as what’s not in them.

And finally this winter I’m able to focus some of my time developing the Farm Bank Project, the non-profit formed to support small family farms, preserve farmland and to do projects that support farms and build and strengthen our community at the same time. We are hosting a Community-Farm Raising Forum on January 29, 2005 in Olympia from 1-4 p.m. and invite you to participate in some exciting grassroots efforts. Come and share your wealth of knowledge and experiences, hopes and dreams and be a part of shaping your future. Stay tuned. There will be many more events and activities to come.

Buying locally is becoming much more popular, and now we're becoming aware of the importance of producing locally. Since consuming without producing is not sustainable, what do you think of the idea of an Annual Small Family Farm Festival and Cottage Industry Fair? Or maybe a Cottage Industry Market that’s run like a farmer’s market but the vendors are anyone who is producing a local product of any kind, owning and operating a local small business, or supporting themselves from a home-based business. more

Welcome to Winlock Meadows Farm.
Click here to download (requires macromedia flash player 7 and speakers, takes 4min).
click here to order

How to become a member and place orders

Current Offerings
Mini CSA Shares
order monthly and
you'll receive weekly

Farm Salad Mix w/Edible Flowers, Stir Fry Mix, Dark Greens Blend, Mini selection of seasonal vegetables and
seasonl suprises

w/Eggs add $3/week for local free range not organic, or $3.50 local and organic.

"I really enjoy your
veggies.  That (salad) mix that we got from you is the best I have ever had."
Mickey Schumacher, Longview

Farm Bank Project



Let every dollar you spend support local farms, small businesses and services and your community.

Mail: 186 Tingle Road, Winlock WA 98596

Email: winlockmeadowsfarm1@yahoo.com  

Local Harvest:   Website       Online Store

Farm Bank Project            Project Details

A Question and an Equation


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